Bridgestone e6 Distance Balls

Bridgestone e6 Distance Balls The Bridgestone E6 is another excellent addition to Bridgestone's line of distance golf balls. This ball shares the same characteristics of high trajectory and distance from driver shots, but the e6 has the added benefit of a straighter flight path. This ball is ideal for mid handicapped players who are looking to increase their distance, but they have trouble in hitting the ball straight down the fairway without slicing or hooking it.

The secret to the straight, high trajectory of the Bridgestone E6 is in its triple layer design. Its launch from the tee is achieved from the "Soft Kinetic Energy Core". This enables the ball to reach high speeds from driver shots. The mantle layer is an anti spin/high velocity material which will help the ball to retain a more true course by reducing the spin from driver shots. 330 dimples coating the seamless cover of the ball give the Bridgestone E6 more lift to allow it to fly higher and farther in the air. The cover and core both are soft to provide a low compression and better feel for the ball in short shots and on the green.

Recreational golfers with mid to high range handicaps who have problems with slicing or hooking will be able to better their distance game by switching to the Bridgestone E6.

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