Two Piece Distance Golf Balls - A Look At The Market

Two Piece Distance Golf Balls A two piece constuction is the most common found in the "everyday" golf ball. They are developed and marketed towards recreational golfers (mid to high handicappers) with a focus on durability and maximum distance.

To this end they forgo some of the extra spin which talented golfers require in a ball for increased shot-making ability.

The two piece ball comprises of a a single solid sphere (the core) which is normally constructed out of a high-energy hard plastic like rubber which is then enclosed inside a tough cover like Surlyn or Ionomer that has an emphasis on durability.

The end result is a firm ball that is virtually indestructable, has great distance properties but has limited feel.

Consequently, they are perfect for the recreational golfer who wants more distance off the tee and is willing to sacrifice a little feel in their short game for this extra length.

Here we have a look at the best of the 2 piece distance balls:

Bridgestone e5 Golf Balls

Bridgestone e5

Mid handicapped players who want to improve their distance game through increased launch from their driver shots will benefit from the Bridgestone e5.

Callaway Big Bertha Blue Golf Balls

Callaway Big Bertha Blue

A distance ball suited for mid and high handicap golfers who want to optimize their distance game while using a ball with a low compression and soft feel on the greens.

Callaway Big Bertha Red Golf Balls

Callaway Big Bertha Red

A firmer ball than the Callaway Big Bertha Blue with less spin as a result. A great ball for recreational golfers who want to better their distance game.

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Callaway Warbird

Average golfers who want to better their distance game while playing with a softer ball will enjoy a round with the Callaway Warbird golf ball.

MaxFli Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

MaxFli Noodle Long & Soft

A good option for mid to high handicap players who are looking for longer distances off the tee and a softer feel to their ball.

Nike Juice 312 Golf Balls

Nike Juice 312

Golfers who need a little bit of help in their distance games will be pleased with the performance of the Nike Juice 312.

Nike Power Distance Long Golf Balls

Nike Power Distance Long

Average ability golfers who would like to have a better distance game would enjoy playing with the Nike Power Distance Long for distance and softness.

Pinnacle Exception Golf Balls

Pinnacle Exception

A two piece super soft design gives these balls the ability to perform even for golfers with slower swings.

Pinnacle Gold LS Golf Balls

Pinnacle Gold LS

These balls do not have as much control in a short game, but their distance and accuracy off a driver makes up for that fact.

Precept Laddie X Golf Balls

Precept Laddie X

Newly developed from Precept is the enhanced velocity muscle fiber core which gives these balls greater speed off the tee.

Precept MC Lady Golf Balls

Precept MC Lady

It is no longer a stigma for a man to be seen with these balls which were the first to launch the low compression craze in golf balls.

Slazenger Raw Distance Golf Balls

Slazenger Raw Distance

These balls are similar to the Callaway Warbirds with a slightly firmer feel to them; even though they both have a compression rating of 90.

Srixon Distance Golf Balls

Srixon Distance

Players of all abilities who are looking for a softer distance ball with a very durable cover will be able to improve their games with a box of these.

Wilson Fifty Golf Balls

Wilson Fifty

Unlike some low driver spin distance balls which do not spin enough on the green, the Wilson Fifty have ample spin for a short game, giving the player more control over the ball.

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